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Jute Goods

Buy from us jute goods, like rope, coils, etc., in quantity that you require for your project. Our company can supply these goods within decided timeframe.


Hessian Cloth

Hessian Cloth is what you need when you are looking for a durable material for making bags and sacks. The sacks made from this cloth is ideal for storing and transporting agricultural products.

Jute Sacks
Jute sacks are sturdy and strong bags, made of jute material. The sacks are used for carrying different items such as vegetables, fruits, and different crops. The sacks can easily tolerate heavy load. 

Jute Sheets
Jute sheets are the tough and durable sheets made up of highly robust jute fabric. The sheet is used for making the accessories like carpets, rugs, furniture covers etc. 

Jute Yarn

Buy from us jute spun and jute twine yarns rolled on spools of different sizes. Several jute goods can be made using these yarns, for instance curtains, bags, sacks, rope, etc.

Sacking Clothes
The sacking clothes are basically the fabrics made up of woven material. The primary purpose of these clothes is to make the bags or sacks. These are highly strong so that they can sustain heavy loads.  

Geo Jute Fabric
The geo jute fabric is the biodegradable fabric that is used for versatile applications. The jute helps in retaining the moisture. The fabric is strong and durable. 

Hessian Bags
Hessian bags are the sacks used for the packaging. They allow breathability and thus, suitable for the delicate products especially the edible products such as rice, wheat, lentils, potatoes etc. 

Jute Clothes

Get in touch with us to buy plain and colored jute clothes for your production processes. A number of products can be developed from these fabrics which can be obtained in any size.

Hessian Clothes

Whether you need brown jute Hessian cloth, net Hessian cloth or any other Hessian cloth, get in touch with us. These clothes are semi opaque clothes which have many practical and decorative uses.

Jute Bags

Jute bags are offered in different sizes to use it for different purposes and at different occasions. We have wine bag for wine gifting, promotional bags for product branding and other bags in the range.

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